Partnership: World Race x Jubilee

The core of Footstool's vision is to engage missions through unity. This July, we were able to collaborate uniquely with two partners: World Race and Jubilee Church.

World Race is a ministry of Adventures in Missions that sends mission teams to 11 countries in 11 months to advance the Gospel through service projects, community building and discipleship. Jubilee Church teamed up with Footstool to host 13 World Racers in Seoul for the last stop of their Asia Tour. Jubilee Church graciously opened their facilities to the World Racers, and, in turn, the World Racers worked on various service projects ranging from homeless outreach to cleaning and construction.

Over the course of two and a half weeks, the World Racers blessed the Jubilee community with willing hearts and diverse experiences. Check out the photos below to see the World Racers in action!

World Race Testimony: A Generous Gift from the Homeless

Tonight 6 of us headed out to downtown Seoul to give bread to the homeless in the area. When we arrived, all those who were hungry stepped up and grabbed two pieces of baked goods. After passing out two large boxes full, we were done! We wrapped up and started to head home. All of a sudden, one of the men we had given food to mustered up enough money to buy us all these little coffees. He had so little, yet wanted to bless us.

I instantly teared up.

Generosity. It’s a concept that is so foreign to many now-a-days, myself included. The Lord used many experiences like these this year to truly teach me what a life of giving looks like.
— Jordan

A special thank you to Pastor Sangmin of Jubilee Church, Pastor Stephanie of Jubilee Preschool, Nanah Jeon, Minhee Kim, Jasmin Chung, Five Two Foundation, Scott Kwak and Joy "The Hostess" Choi for contributing toward this unforgettable partnership.