Footstool offers member care resources for those serving in the 10/40 window.


Counseling in person or Online

We offer sessions with a professional counselor in person and online. Counseling services are typically given in one of two ways:

  • Short Term Goal-Focused Counseling in person or online: This format is best suited for those who are facing a specific challenging or would like to work on a particular concern or issue in a goal focused way.

  • Member Care Check-In: This format is for those looking for more informal counseling support. Contents of the counseling session could include checking in on self care, creating a space to process life events and asking reflective question for spiritual growth. Check-in session are typically once a month.

Note: Footstool has a professional counselor on staff, but we are not a full service counseling center. However, if you have a counseling need that is beyond the services we offer we may be able to offer you a referral or recommendation based on your specific case.


Annual Member Care Retreat

The Member Care Retreat is a time for those serving cross-culturally in Asia to rest, reflect and be rejuvenated alongside others who are also serving. Our desire is to provide emotional, physical and spiritual care for all retreat attendees so that they may return to their fields renewed and refreshed. The retreat offers plenary sessions, full children’s and youth ministry programs and afternoons of special care services (such as haircuts, massage, counseling, and one on one prayer). The retreat is held annually around late January-early February.


Pre-field Training & assessment

We offer pre-field support to outgoing field workers through training, counseling and assessment. Assessment can be done along with Footstool’s Long Term Training or be done separately in conjunction with counseling sessions. Assessment can be customized to the individual’s needs but generally includes a clinical interview and personality assessment.



Debriefing is offered for field workers on leave from the field or permanently leaving the field. Through structured questions, personal debriefing aims to help the field worker process their experience, reflect on the experience meaningfully and find a sense of closure.



If you are interested or would like any more information about our Member Care services please get in touch!