Footstool offers member care resources for those serving in the 10/40 window.



Counseling in person or via skype

Counseling can be offered weekly via Skype or in person for those serving locally and in an intensive short term format for those traveling to receive counseling. 


Annual Member Care Retreat

A time to rest, reflect and be rejuvenated through plenary sessions and special care services (such as haircuts, massage, counseling, and one on one prayer.


Pre-field assessment

We offer a pre-field assessment to outgoing field workers. Assessment can be customized to the individual’s needs but generally includes a clinical interview and personality assessment.



Debriefing is offered for field workers on leave from the field or permanently leaving the field. Debriefing is offered both as personal debriefing or after a critical or traumatic incident. Through structured questions, personal debriefing aims to help the field worker process their experience, reflect on the experience meaningfully and find a sense of closure. Critical incident debriefing is a highly structured debriefing that takes place after a traumatic experience.