Meet our TEAM





Ryan was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania. He felt a call into missions at the young age of 5. After studying Intercultural Studies and Missions in college, Ryan married Carolyn in 2007. They have one son, Noah. Ryan has been involved in missions for the past 5 years, and served with Food for the Hungry in Indonesia for 2.5 years working in program development. While in Indonesia, Ryan wished there was more support for missionaries in Asia and he is excited to launch Footstool as a base camp to support and equip missionaries. After spending several years in Asia, Ryan is a          self-proclaimed expert at karaoke (he’s actually pretty good), bartering, and avoiding fish politely. He loves to watch sports, and can usually be seen wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers t-shirt.



Member Care Coordinator

Carolyn is originally from Rochester, New York which means she has an affinity something called a “Garbage Plate” (Google it. And you should try one). In college, she planned on pursuing a career in magazine journalism but after a study abroad in Tanzania, she felt the call to missions and pursued a degree in Intercultural Studies. Carolyn served in Indonesia with Christian relief and development organization Food for the Hungry for 2.5 years in Communications and Child Sponsorship. It was during her time in Indonesia that Carolyn developed a heart for caring for missionaries' emotional and mental health needs. After leaving Indonesia, Carolyn completed a Masters degree in Christian Counseling from Torch Trinity Graduate University. Today, she is excited to use her experience in cross-cultural ministry and her training in counseling to support missionaries through member care. In her spare time, Carolyn likes running, knitting, reading and eating far too much peanut butter.



Finance Manager

Juri was born and raised in Korea until she graduated from middle school, and then she went off to Adelaide, South Australia where she attended high school at an Anglican girls’ school.  Adelaide was too small for this city girl, so she departed for the big city and earned a bachelor's degree in Media and Communications at the University of Sydney. In 2005, Juri returned to Korea and started working at a company where she began a career in PR. She got married in 2009 to her husband, Joe. Even after marriage Juri did not see herself as a family woman, but God had other plans, and taught her a lesson in self-sacrifice and dying to herself by giving her three children. Today she is a family-driven mom, and can often be found daydreaming of one day traveling the world.  



Communications Manager

Ivan was born and raised in San Diego, California where he was part of the leadership team of a small church plant that became Mosaic San Diego. He also served as a full-time missionary in Tijuana, Mexico with YWAM Homes of Hope ministry, building 30-40 homes for families in need. In the summer of 2008, Ivan did his DTS with YWAM Denver. In 2010, Ivan moved to Denver to work with a non-profit organization where he worked as a teacher/mentor in a public middle and high school, he also studied recreational management at MSU Denver. He moved to South Korea in November of 2015 to pursue a relationship with his now wife and married in April of 2016. Ivan enjoys running, hiking, photography, and loves snowboarding.

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