Missionary Appreciation Luncheon 2019


Footstool hosted their 4th Annual Missionary Appreciation Luncheon last Monday, April 22 in Seoul, Korea. This year, 4 local churches were able to support Footstool’s mission to appreciate and honor those who serve in various forms of ministry outside the local church context.


There were 49 individuals from 29 different organizations and churches who attended and had the opportunity to network with one another. Through the networking, organizations were able to meet and get to know other ministries that served in similar or different sectors in Korea, meet potential partners, and also pray for and encourage each other.


It was a special time not only for the ministries but also Footstool, enabling us to again see in action our vision - Missions Through Unity. We had received many feedback saying that it was the best one yet! We hope to continue improving our events and programs, making sure to provide the space and opportunity for all of God’s workers to come together to eat, pray, network, and encourage each other!