Seoul Church Planting Boot Camp

For the past 100 years, Korea has been a model of how Christianity can transform a society. From the small spark of American missionaries in the early 1900’s, to the Pyongyang Revival of 1907, Christianity has spread like wildfire across Korea and to other parts of Asia.

In the past 30 years, Christianity has not grown in Korea. It stands at 29% of population. In addition, the growing secularism sees Christianity and religion as whole, as unimportant with about 65.5% of the population sharing this view.

How do we continue to fan the flames of revival? One key is the renewal of church planting. As Dan MacDonald notes that “planting of new churches . . . is both symptom and catalyst of revival and renewal of the church”. In other words, when revival strikes churches are planted and when churches are planted, revival continues.

From July 11th through the 15th, Footstool will be hosting the Seoul Church Planting Boot Camp. Dr. Raymond Chang, Director of the Regenerant Network, will be leading this intensive five-day training. This will be an all-day class, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, equivalent to a 3-unit seminary level course.

Seoul Church Planting Boot Camp will provide participants with an introduction to the major start-up issues the planter faces in the first year of starting a new church. This course will cover thirty practical skill modules in the areas of personal preparation, strategic planning, core group development, and public launching. Boot Camp style training with immediate interaction, application and coaching applied to each training module will be utilized.

Our hope and prayer is this class would become a spark to renewal a vision for planting new churches in Seoul and beyond.