Design Thinking Workshop


On April 30, Footstool hosted its first Design Thinking Workshop for Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) leaders at Jubilee Church. Design Thinking is a way to solve complex problems that draws upon logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning to create desirable outcomes for the user experience.

The goal of this workshop was to explore creative possibilities for increasing BSF member engagement at Jubilee. In preparation, Footstool staff conducted research through a survey and multiple interviews and observations to gain key insights into the BSF experience.

The Footstool staff presented the research findings to BSF leaders, placed them into small groups to discuss, and facilitated a time of brainstorming new ideas. Each group chose one idea to focus on and collaborated on creating tangible solutions to improve the overall BSF experience.

Design Thinking provides a new, creative approach to solving everything from the most complex challenges to everyday tasks. If you are interested in our Design Thinking Workshop for your non-profit organization or ministry, please contact us at