2016 Seoul Missionary Appreciation Luncheon

This past Tuesday, 60 missionaries and ministers serving in Korea gathered for the first ever Seoul Missionary Appreciation Luncheon, co-hosted by Footstool Mission Center and Pastor Leo Rhee from CityLight Seoul Church.

Groups representing 6 areas of ministry (missions organizations, Christian schools, para-church/campus ministries, NK-related ministries, justice/mercy ministries, and local English ministries and churches) had the opportunity to share about their ministries and how they are advancing the Kingdom in our city.

The purpose of the event was to honor those serving in Korea and to build networks and relationships, with the hope of one day hosting a Seoul-based missions conference. We enjoyed a great time of sharing, eating, praying, and connecting with one another.

This event embodies the heart of Footstool’s mission, vision,values.


We would like to thank everybody who came out! Special thanks to the local churches that made this event possible: New Harvest Church (Sarang), Nam Seoul EM, New Philadelphia Church, Youngnak Church, Jesus Street Church, Jubilee Church, CityLight Seoul Church, Hallelujah Church, Lifespring Church, Oceans Church, and Crossway Mission Church.