Footstool Fridays



On Friday October 28th, from 7pm to 9pm we will be hosting our second Footstool Friday with guest speaker Pastor Yoo Dae Yeol at CityLight Seoul.  Pastor Yoo will share his amazing testimony and answer questions about his life "inside," how he encountered God on his journey to a new life in South Korea, and his vibrant ministry here in Seoul.

This event is the second installment of our Footstool Fridays series, "Walking Justly." The goal of Footstool Fridays is to give exposure to various ministries serving in the 10/40 window and provide a platform for sharing how they are making a tangible impact in their communities. Through this fall series we aim to raise awareness about current social justice issues and highlight inspiring, personal testimonies of those who are on the front lines of justice ministry. Suggested donations of 20,000 KRW will go toward financially supporting the organizations that we feature. 

Footstool Fridays are on the last Friday of the month, during the fall and the spring. Our last two events will take place at City Light Seoul. Click the link below for directions.